If you have just received your brand new product and there are missing items such as screws, tools, bolts or actual products, please submit a service ticket immediately.

The process we take for this time of situation is as follows:

  1. You will need to submit a support ticket here on our website
  2. We will evaluate your situation from the information you provide us and the photos of the missing item. If you cannot take photos of the missing item itself being obvious, please take a picture of the packaging.
  3. Our service agents will contact the relevant departments to action a solution. 
  4. The solution will vary on what is missing. Many times we are able to ship the missing items straight to you.
  5. Once the solution has been completed we will close your ticket and ask for your feedback.

If you have any issues outside of this process please either contact your support agent inside the customer portal or email info@productinsurancecare.com